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8 habits that will make you happy, according to science

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  Smile. Fake smile will also do.It works both ways: you smile, when you feel happy and you smile to feel happy. French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne found in his research already in 1862 that just turning up the corners of your mouth will activate the center of the secretion of serotonin, hormone of happiness. Listen to music from the happiest time in your life.Music can remind you of times and places where you have listened to it before. It can help you feel more connected to that happier time in your life and makes it more present. Think about your...

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9 Tips To Help You Get Better At New Year Resolutions

  Studies have shown that by midyear less than half people keep their January promises. Improve your odds with some simple tips and tricks or just make some changes in your life:   Write it down Your will is strongest when you are making resolutions. Writing it down will able you to recapture the intensity of that moment again and again. Keep your goals public Tell a friend or family member about your resolution. Sharing your challenges and successes makes the work easier and less scary. One habit at a time Like it takes time to form bad habit, it...

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What is the difference between Spirulina and Chlorella?

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How Mulberries Can Help You Live a Better Life

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MULBERRIES FACTS Mulberries are large, deciduous trees native to warm, temperate, and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Each fruit measures 2-5 cm long. In most species, mulberries are purple-red when ripen. However, they can be white, red, purple or multiple variegated colors in the same fruit. There are three species of mulberries: White mulberry (Morus alba). Red or American mulberry (Morus rubra). Black mulberry (Morus nigra). Mulberries are refreshingly succulent, tart and sweet fruits. They are rich in numerous health benefiting flavonoid phyto-nutrients.   HEALTH BENEFITS OF MULBERRIES - Delicious, fleshy, succulent mulberries are low in calories...

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4 Remedies That Actually Work

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1. Apple A Day: Apple cider vinegar has been shown to fight off infections, but a few slices off an apple can attack common cold viruses. Just 100 grams of apple equal 1500 mg of vitamin C. Peels are rich in flavonoids, which lowers the risk for heart disease. Be careful, however, that you eat organic apples. Otherwise, peels are rarely edible. 2. Vitamin C: Studies aren’t definitive on whether or not vitamin C can prevent or stop colds, but it has been proven to reduce the length of colds. If you are looking for natural source of vitamin C...

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